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The project’s innovative approach, comprehensive ecosystem for innovation, access to high-quality infrastructure, access to venture capital and new markets, extensive networking opportunities, hands-on training, and participation in advanced accelerator programs collectively position BV as a pivotal player in driving innovation, collaboration, and growth across multiple technological domains.

Moreover, BV quickly recognizes the needs of technology companies and provides solutions with strong stakeholders such as the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, Turkish Standards Institute (TSE), Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization (KOSGEB), various chambers of commerce, and industry and universities. BV will take an active role by presenting project findings and recommendations to policymakers and industry leaders. In terms of Innovation, BV is committed to constructing and operating ecosystems with high-capacity infrastructure and supporting high-tech entrepreneurs with its more than 600+ Companies, BV can promote research and development in innovative, connected, hybrid transportation networks, and autonomous mobility Technologies and collaborate with research centers and universities to advance scientific knowledge in the field. Moreover, BV can work on policy advocacy to align with the European Union's long-term goals for zero fatalities and serious injuries by 2050 and can engage with policymakers to create a favorable regulatory environment for the adoption of new mobility technologies.

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